Getting Your Own Web Page, Part 2

We recently did a pro bono job for a church whose original site was built using WYSIWYG computer program. By examining these pages we can illustrate very well the advantages of a human written page over an automated computer created page. There are two steps needed to understand the concept of separating design from content and the proliferation of unnecessary tags when using site builder systems. One first needs to be able to examine the page source and then examine the page with CSS style sheets disabled. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all permit examining the source by right clicking the page and selecting View Page Source. We'll rely on your performing this task during the rest of this analysis. Although IE provides for selecting style, Chrome and Firefox have puzzled me to date so I'll provide those examples in all cases.

First the original automated church page. Follow the next link and then examine the page source to see 700+ lines of source code. Come back here to continue by closing those pages. Original Page

Now for the rewritten page separating the design from content. Note that this page duplicates the original in appearance but not in terms of coding complexity. Examining the source will show the extreme simplification of the task of maintaining this page of 60 lines of code. The 20 line user editable area is clearly identified. As before, close those pages to come back here for more examples. New Page

The next example page has the CSS style sheet disabled to show only the content. Separation of design and content is quite obvious. New Page - No Style

Now the missing style sheet design components, though rarely changed, can be examined now to show that no rocket science is involved there either.

This new and improved page still has nothing to really set it apart from most other site builder pages found on the web so it was decided to custom build a new site from scratch while still keeping all the advantages illustrated here. It is worth the few minutes needed to see all six of the new pages that, although they keep the original theme and design, are totally different in appearance by making some very minor changes. We're here to do the same for you if you want. You might want to play around with the church pages by resizing and scrolling to see an effect you'll maybe never see again anywhere else on the Internet for a long time! Also, feel free to examine the page source of the church pages to see for yourself the simplicity of the coding. Thank you for your interest and we welcome any questions or inquiries. Once again, thank you for visiting!

Link to our new church pages.