What Next?

Although the microcontroller can display any or all of the 16+ million 8-bit combinations available from the RGB diode, the Fading Rainbow Color Show presents a unique color sequence from these possibilities in a continuous, smoothly changing order most pleasing to the human eye. If you want that product in a "glowing jar" then please, by all means back up and proceed to the sales page.

The fading rainbow is available using stock programs with approximate total show times of 12, 23 and 34 minutes, 4 1/2 hours and even 2 days. A dozen or so other color changing and/or flashing programs are available on request. One of these is a multicolor, strobe-like, attention getting program designed using the recommended timing guidelines for minimizing effects on flash sensitive individuals.

The system, minus the jar is available as a unit, with or without battery holder and/or solar cell as desired. The board itself is color optimized for 3 Volts DC as supplied by 2 AA alkaline batteries but will function on 2 AA 1.2 Volt rechargeable.

If you produce or plan to produce rainbow-like color changing products, the board can be supplied without the resistors and LED allowing your own desired configuration within the guidelines of the PIC10F200 for input voltage range of 2.2 to 5.0 Volts DC and output current of 25 mA per pin for a maximum of 75 mA total.

To drive higher current and/or higher voltage devices, transistors can be coupled to the output pins to control just about any device capable of responding to PWM output signals. It may also be desirable to purchase only the pre-programmed chip for incorporation into your product as desired. Please contact us with your needs so we can work out cost and volume details.

Applications for this low cost controller seem limited only by one's imagination since everyone who sees the device has his or her own idea of what we need next. Please, feel free to inquire. You'll find us quite willing and cooperative.

Thank you for your interest.

What do we offer?

Unique - Most complete, comprehensive display of hues seen in any similar color show device found on web. No black hole here!

Low Cost - Utilizes the bottom end of the price range for microcontrollers.

Technical Superiority - Developed using extensive scientific details of human color perception and discrimination. Without this knowledge, duplication would most likely require more computing power and higher cost.

Flexibility - Select from several existing stock programs with custom programming services offered at reasonable additional cost/unit.

Expansion - Starting point for higher powered, higher brightness LED applications. Consultation and other assistance offered.

Availability - The complete system, any stage of assembly or individual parts, including pre-programmed chips can be purchased.

E-mail inquiries, questions or suggestions. Please don't change the subject or your message may get junked. Thank you and goodbye for now.