Darn fickle LCD's! What should I see?

What you see depends upon a combination of factors. The quality, type and adjustment of your monitor for starters, particularly contrast and brightness. LCD displays suffer from viewing angle variations evidenced by my two monitors dramatically differing from each other in this respect. Looking head on at the wide screen shows the graphic to be nearly a solid color with very slight definition of the bars while the laptop shows more variation. However, by adjusting the viewing angles and screen locations I can find positions where they are either obvious or invisible on both devices. Unfortunately, my old reliable, calibrated 19" CRT, immune from this type of variation, recently gave up the ghost so I have no other reference!

Characteristics of your color vision and perception and even the illumination of your viewing area can have an effect. Discussion and implications well beyond the intent of this document. However, the graphic itself is composed of 31 horizontal color bars selected to step somewhat uniformly from the RGB triplet value 0-0-0 through 50-50-50 from bottom to top.

Shown below is the image adjusted for brightness and contrast to make the bar boundaries visible. Remember, using 0-0-0 to 50-50-50 (51 possible values for each primary) allows 132,651 possible RGB combinations, so our graphic is short by 132,620! For people with normal color vision, these missing combinations would be seen as colors somewhere between the top and bottom colors in the original graphic!

Lightened Box

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