Precise Instrumental Color Control or What I have Learned in Nearly 40 Years Working on the Problems

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Table of Contents


2-What you will see and hear.

3-Standard Observer Development

4-Some colors too pure.

5-Negative quantities.

6-Eliminate the negative.

7-Calculate XYZ.

8-More ellipses.

9-Nonuniform space.

10-Direction important.

11-Which DE?

12-Contradictions galore!


14-Bad scene.

15-Don't match each other.

16-Skew tolerances.


18-CMC Discovered.

19-Round and round and round...

20-Specifying color.

21-We ain't always perfect.

22-Step back a little.

23-Control and capability.



26-What Do I Offer?

27-Hit the target every time.

Author: RLPenrod